A Lineup Of Our Favorite Dog Outfits

Our dogs have unique and distinctive personalities — just like we do. And how do we express ourselves? Well, one of the many ways we do as humans is through our clothing. Why should we allow our dogs to be any different?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to go over a lineup of our favorite dog outfits that you can find on our website. At The Doggie Market, our online dog clothing store offers a huge collection of homemade dog clothes for your one-of-a-kind pup. Ranging from dog shirts to dog coats, our clothes are made in various sizes to fit any size or breed of canine — all made right here in the U.S.A.!

Contact us today if you have any further questions for our staff, and continue reading below for some of our favorite dog products that you can find in our online store.

Our Yellow And Gray Dog Dress

Have a sassy pup in your life that loves being the center of attention? Our Yellow and Gray Dog Dress will make for the perfect fit. This stylish and comfortable dress features beautiful floral patterns, and to tie it all together, a zig-zag patterned bow tie around the waistline!

We offer this product in sizes XXS to L, meaning it doesn’t matter if your cute little girl is a Chihuahua or a Labrador Retriever — we’re bound to find the perfect size for her!

Our Graffiti Jeans Jacket Dog Coat

Do you have a dog in your life that reminds you of John Travolta’s character in the movie “Grease”? You know what we’re talking about… the sweet and innocent yet bad boy kind of personality? Our Graffiti Jeans Jacket Dog Coat will be a perfect fit for them — graffiti design and all.

This product is offered in sizes XS to M and is made out of recycled jeans, and it comes with a nifty leash hook on the back of it! This jacket is also great for the wintertime, when your pup might be shivering every time they go outside from the freezing temperatures.

Our Tutu Harness

Some dogs have a dainty, fun and flirty personalities, and these are the kinds of dogs that look absolutely adorable in our Tutu Harness.

Our Tutu Harness comes in sizes XS to L, so dress up your Pug, Poodle, Border Collie or any other breed of furry friend in this classic outfit from The Doggie Market! On top of that, if you’re going for a full-costume effect, you can pair this with our wings and crown dog accessories for an entire fairy costume!

Shop Dog Harnesses, Dog Clothes & More In Our Online Dog Clothing Store!

The dog outfits listed above are just five of many that we absolutely adore in our collections! Whether you’re dressing up your furry family member for a special party, a holiday or you just want to jazz up their appearance, we have something for every dog’s personality in our online dog clothing store.

Still not sure why you should choose The Doggie Market for your unique, handmade dog clothing? Learn more here, and if you have any further questions for our staff about sizing, materials and more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today.
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