Our Best Outfits For The Fancy Dogs In Your Life

In this world, there are preppy pups, baby pups, posh pups and sporty pups. OK, so we might have been listing off the adjectives used as names for the 90’s fashionistas of the Spice Girls, but our point is that every dog has their own unique and individual personality! In order words, no two dogs are exactly alike — and that’s what makes our furry family members so great.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to go over the best dog outfits we offer in our online dog clothing store for the fancier dogs in your life. Whether it’s your dog that has a classier taste or a dog of a friend’s, our handmade dog clothes make for great gifts for any of the fur babies in your world! Shop our collections at The Doggie Market today, and don’t be afraid to reach out to our staff with any additional questions or concerns about our products.

Continue reading below for our three favorite fancy dog outfits that we sell in our online dog clothing store — although, we’ll admit it was hard to choose just three!

Our Snowflake Dog Dress

Whether you’re taking your fur baby to a holiday party or you want to make your girl feel like a princess for a day, we think our Snowflake Dog Dress is an ideal fancy outfit for your pup. The mixture of black and white textures add a flair of elegance to the overall outfit, and its embroidered snowflakes have gorgeous faux pearl centers.

We only offer this product in sizes XS and S, meaning only the smaller pups in your life can strut their stuff in this dog dress! Purchase yours today.

Our White Fur Dog Coat

Your furry family member will feel like royalty (we’re looking at you, Kate Middleton) in our White Fur Dog Coat. This luxurious jacket is easy to put on your dog, and it features sophisticated white ribbon and matching sleeves. You can purchase the matching hat as well in our dog accessories collection.

We offer this product in sizes XXS to M, and if you’re looking for a warm, fun and festive coat for your pup, this will make for a perfect fit!

Our Basic Dog Tux Dog Harness

Do you have a really good boy in your home who loves dressing up for special occasions? Is that good boy not your husband or son, but rather, your furry best friend? We have the perfect fancy dog outfit for him — our Basic Dog Tux Harness.

This outfit comes in sizes XS through L, and the easy-to-assemble and adjustable harness features a black bow tie, white scarf and a red bow tie jacket

Shop Fancy Dog Outfits In Our Online Dog Clothing Store

We have something for all of the proper pups in your life here at The Doggie Market. Everything you see in our online dog clothing store was handmade right here in the U.S.A., and we can promise you there’s love in every stitch! From dog harnesses to dog accessories, we have everything you could possibly need right here on our website.

Learn more about why you should shop our high-quality, unique clothes at The Doggie Market here, and if you require any additional information regarding sizing, materials and more, feel free to contact our team today.
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